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Article : Artificial Disc Replacement

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As a person ages, it is normal for the discs that separate the vertebrae in the spine to gradually deteriorate. This process is generally referred to as degenerative disc disease. In this process, fluid in the spinal discs is slowly lost, which hinders the ability of the spinal discs to act as shock absorbers for the spine. As this happens, the discs become smaller, and the space between the vertebrae shrinks. Sometimes, the discs even become cracked, and eventually rupture. This aspect of degenerative disc disease can also lead to the onset of tiny bone spurs within the spine, which put pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The effect of this condition is often tremendous amounts of pain and discomfort. People with degenerative disc disease usually suffer from acute pain in the areas of the back and spine where the deterioration is the greatest. This pain generally increases when pressure is placed on the spine through actions such as bending over and twisting. Needless to say, spinal disc degeneration can be an incredibly aggravating and painful condition.

Artificial Disc Replacement Specialists

Fortunately, there are many degenerative disc disease treatment options available for people who suffer from the effects of spinal disc degeneration. In many cases, the optimal treatment is artificial disc replacement. Artificial disc replacement is offered by specialists at the Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute. When this form of degenerative disc treatment is administered, the damaged spinal discs are surgically removed and replaced by artificial counterparts. This effectively “reinstalls” the cushioning and shock absorbing properties in the spine, which prevent the vertebrae from painfully and uncomfortably grinding against one another. Artificial disc replacement is a very popular alternative to spinal fusion surgery, in which various bones of the spine are fused together to straighten posture and prevent grinding from occurring. In severe cases of degenerative disc disease, artificial disc replacement can remove almost all of the detrimental areas of spinal disc degeneration. This form of degenerative disc disease treatment is most effectively administered in cases where disc degeneration is in the neck region. The implementation of the artificial discs becomes far more challenging when disc degeneration is in the lumbar, or lower back, region of the spine. Overall, artificial disc replacement is an effective and widely used method for providing relief to people with the pain due to the deterioration of spinal discs.

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